Do Not Fall in Love in a Foreign Country

It is with a sad heart I sit down to write this post. I told myself I wouldn’t do it but here I am 3 months into studying abroad and I have officially been struck by cupid’s arrow. I feel like I should preface this with the fact that I LOVE love. a lot. I sit and watch endless wedding videos and dream of the day I will be at the point in my life where I know what I want. But, let’s focus on the present.

It feels like a fairytale, doesn’t it? You’ve successfully escaped from the boring routine you feel you’ve been stuck in for years to some beautiful country. You go out to the bars with your friends knowing you can literally be anyone you want to be because these are your few months of freedom. Then it happens. The tall blonde British boy says five words to you and you’re hooked. Suddenly it’s five dinner dates later and you realize you’re actually beginning to fall for this guy? Stop. Don’t do it.

You soon begin to remember that you have a visa, and visas run out…quickly. Now you are stuck with the internal struggle of do I really invest all my time into this guy when I’m leaving in two months or do I just go for it and hope to have a life straight out of Notting Hill? (Let’s be real, we are all going to choose the latter.)

The situation is so different to anything else I have experienced before. This trip was supposed to be a distraction from these types of things! How did I let this happen? It only makes it worse when you are both left guessing how the other feels about someone they are somewhat dating living on the other side of the world.

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The whole situation seems a bit hopeless knowing you’ll soon be separated, but if you want to throw everything you have into this part-time relationship, I say go for it.

All this being said, I don’t regret a single second of whatever you’d call this situation. I got to spend a few months with a wonderful person, got a local’s look at London, and honestly I may have fallen a little too hard. This weekend I say goodbye, but we both talk about when I’m coming back. Hopefully it will be soon, but for now I get to think about all the “what ifs” if I got to stay in this wonderful city just a little while longer.


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