My Definitive Ranking of London Tube Stations

  1. Russell Square– This is home. This is where I spent days on the couch watching dinner date and nights drinking strawberry & lime cider at the Marquis Cornwallis. I may be bias in saying no little neighborhood will compare to my ultra-london-y Bloomsbury one, but I really do think this deserves the number one spot. img_9016
  2. Oxford Circus– Although this seems like an incredibly predictable choice, OC will always hold a special place in my mind. It’s fantastic for shopping, but I really love the surrounding area of Carnaby, Regent, and Kingly Street. I got to spend around three days a week in Soho and loved every minute of it.img_6415
  3. Temple/Embankment-Some of my favorite memories were made around these two stops down by the Thames. I love seeing the London Eye, The Shard, and other iconic landmarks lit up at night, but there’s this college bar called Walkabout to which I can attribute some of my favorite nights in the city. I knew it was love when I felt my black booties sticking to the dance floor from all the spilled beer.oxford circus
  4. Gloucester Road– I feel it is only right to mention where I spent many hours sitting in a classroom staring out at the rainy skies. It was home to my crazy professors, the Sainsburys I got most of my lunches at, and a few of the most beautiful streets of houses I got to do photoshoots at between classes.gloucester road
  5. Bounds Green– I almost feel like I should just refer you back to my last post for this one. Not only did all that unfold here, but the Muswell Hill area quickly became the cutest place I have ever been. As it turned to fall, the streets were covered in giant leaves while the black, white, and red houses started putting up Christmas decorations. I would definitely live in this area if I were to ever become a multi-millionaire with a UK visa.
  6. Camden Town– Camden is home to my favorite food market. Located just off the river, I found it to be the best place for a Friday lunch. From falafel to churros to halloumi cheese wraps, Camden Market has everything. This borough also gave me clubs like KOKO, Electric Ballroom, and Proud. I went to Camden nearly every week and never got tired of it.camden
  7. Euston– I couldn’t really think of a specific reason Euston should be on this list, yet I couldn’t really leave it off either. It was the quickest way to a shopping spree at Primark, and was a regular for celebrity sightings.
  8. King’s Cross– I was so happily surprised at how close this was to my flat. I actually used it regularly whether it was for heading to Brighton, down the road, or to another country. The Harry Potter lover in me also died a little bit when I went to Platform 9 3/4. kings cross

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