Travel Pet Peeves

Happy Saturday! Right now I’m sitting in a little cafe planning some trips to take over the holidays. I usually like posting about all the wonderful aspects that come along with seeing new places, but today I am letting my petty side show and relieving a bit of internal stress by talking about my pet peeves when traveling. I hope it gets a laugh out of you, even if you’ve traveled once I’m sure you’ve ran into at least one of these things.

Dealing with the know it all traveler

I’m confused… aren’t we exploring this place together for the first time? Do you really swear the hostel is that way when we could ask for directions? Oh, you were wrong? No, no, that’s okay.

People that don’t understand the rules of public transportation

Living in London QUICKLY made me realize that you always stand to the right of escalators, moving sidewalks, etc., because the left is “reserved” for walking (or in most cases sprinting) up. Make sure your bags are clear of the left side as well.

Additionally, always let the people get off before you get on. I promise you the metro door won’t close on you if you wait a few more seconds. There just has to be that one person each time that pushes their way on despite the sea of people rushing towards them. Trust me, it slows the whole process down in the end.

Refusing to get off schedule

It’s okay to get lost. No need to get upset when you can’t find something (usually caused by no data connection ha). My faveeeee part of traveling is wandering little side streets! Relax, enjoy the walk, and pop into a McDonalds for the free wifi to figure out the next plan.

Stubborn travel partners

When you travel somewhere with a friend/boyfriend/etc take into consideration what sights they want to see as well, you both paid to be there. It’s also important to note that it can be incredibly fun to split off from the group and explore on your own! No schedule, no one to upset, it can be so great!

Constant complaining

Not only is this my biggest pet peeve in general but it rings especially true when you are with someone whining about the food or the weather and generally just making everyone around them miserable. Things going wrong usually make for a great story…eventually at least.

The loudest person in the room

I can actually feel myself getting angry writing this one. I enjoy keeping costs down when traveling, so staying in a hostel is ideal in most cases. This means sharing a room with 15 other people all with different schedules than you. I know, it kind of comes with staying in a hostel because you get what you pay for but you’d think people would still have the consideration to try to pack up quietly when their flight is at 4 am.

Anyway, even knowing all of these things come with traveling, there isn’t a part of me that would give it up! On the same note, none of these things are really something to throw a fit over. It’s always stressful in the moment but as long as it’s not me doing it, hey, I’ll be alright. xx


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  1. Oh. My god. The know it all traveler is definitely my father! I used to travel with him to new places and I’m always checking on maps and he’s always like “no, it’s that way” and then getting there and finding grass and… nothing. It’s so annoying! Also, I went on a trip with four more friends and three of them ended up being grumpy THE WHOLE TRIP. I lost it when I saw them like that I mean… We’re traveling for fun, not to be annoyed at life! I totally understand you. Even with those things, I love traveling 🙂 thanks for sharing these things!! Loved this post! xx


  2. I completely agree with all of this! Great post 🙂

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  3. Ughh yes, public transportation is not rocket science. Why do so many people make it more difficult than it is?

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  4. Loudest person in the room right here! I don’t mean to be, but it was a learned skill in my family. If I wanted to be heard, I had to talk over EVERYONE. These are accurate pet peeves. The last time we were in London, I tried to get my husband to pick out something to do (Brit by birth, so London’s not a big deal), because I felt bad dragging him around to what I wanted to see.

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